20 mins - Amateur Tickling - COUPLE - Foot Tickling in Video Call

Kalamos Klips
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FULL Amateur Tickling Video - The Video Call
M/F - Feet - 20 minutes - Full Banter & No Banter Versions

The fluff:

Alright folks, this was an experiment of sort: we filmed a remotely directed amateur tickling video.
For once I relinquished the lead role as a tickler, a told people where and how to tickle.
The guys involved were total newbies to the tickling scene, and believe me I tried to school them but they were better off being candid and genuine, and follow their twisted whims.

The idea behind:

Basically, we stole the ideas from anybody stuck home during lockdown and some such - students, wargamers, roleplayers, long distance couples.
I would stay home, directing, and watching the scene unfold; they'd stay at their own place, with one simple direction: make the girl react.

The girl:

The girl is Ludmilla, a 20-something exchange student, and she's one stubborn piece of a tough biscuit.
She's not your typical cutesy giggly type, but with some effort, and ropes and blindfolds, we managed to warm her up a bit.


Word of warning: the girl is not your average tickling model, the one who starts laughing right after you glare at her intently.
The video is no polished studio clip, shot with professional camera, lighting, optimal POV or perfect laughing.

This is CRUDE, with people fumbling for tools, the girl holding it in as long as she could, house cats invading the scene - cut them out, I know people get uncomfortable with pets - and me barking orders, at least in the FULL BANTER versions.
About 20 minutes of female amateur model, being tied up and tickle tortured, by her SO and a sadistic colleague who showed up for unrelated reason, and revealed unfettered, unbound passion for brushing female soles.

Pick your poison and enjoy it.


Amateur Tickling Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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Amateur Tickling Video - 20 minutes - 720p


20 mins - Amateur Tickling - COUPLE - Foot Tickling in Video Call

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