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20 mins - COUPLE - PRANK - the Scribbler

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FULL PRANK Role Play Video - the Scribbler
20 minutes - M/F Feet Writing and Soap Scrubbing

Honestly, I can't say if this was our best video so far.
But it was a blast for me to edit.

Ludmilla and the gang are back with a straightforward challenge.
Ludmilla usually takes ANY challenge in stride; she could weather pranks without so much of a flinch.
This time?
Not so much...

Usually stubborn Ludmilla turns into a whiny shadow of her usual spunky self.
From the very beginning she's adamant: she HATES it.
And then banter devolves into a cuss ridden tirade of curses to make a Polish plumber blush, or beam with pride.

Ludmilla SWEARS a lot; she giggles, she moans, she pleads.
And she was so FOUL MOUTHED we had to BLEEP everything out.
But it was fun.

What You Get:

Twenty minutes of relentless scribbling.
The scribbler takes few breaks, while goading Ludmilla into throwing scathing insults at him.
Usually cool and detached Ludmilla has never been so CROSSED.
This time drinks were on her...

PRANK Role Play Video
Adults Respective (C) Apply

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20 mins - COUPLE - PRANK - the Scribbler

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