07 mins - Amateur Tickling - COUPLE - Burglar Cosplay

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Amateur Foot Tickling & Bastinado Fetish Video
The Burglar Tickling Ludmilla - 7.47 mins

We take a break from the Purple Guest series, to showcase something we filmed impromptu, with little to no forethough.
This time a roommate of Ludmilla's wanted to join the fun.
And we were happy to oblige.

Cosplaying as a perverted burglar, they proceed to tie Ludmilla up, in kitty socks, remove the socks to reveal the soft sole, and then alternate bastinato and tickling - with different tools! - to make her spill the beans.

Maybe they though Ludmilla had absconded with something of value, or she's holding out some sordid secret from local street scum.
Whatever the case, Ludmilla is subjected to not-so-gentle nudging, in the hope of loosing her tongue.
We'll see how much she'll resist and if she'll talk, eventually.

Tech Talk

As usual, Patreon limits the size for video clips we can post.
So, I'm upload a 360p version here, for my Plus and over Backers.
The 720p version is available on Gumroad, with the previous installment of Ludmilla's capers.

Partial List of Ludmilla's Capers Clips



Amateur Foot Tickling Fetish Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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07 mins - Amateur Tickling - COUPLE - Burglar Cosplay

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